E3 Without Rannie

As awesome as E3 2010 was, it was definitely weird without Rannie. It was nice to see common friends and exchange stories about her. It was also just strange not having her around or, at the very least, not being able to drunk call her. For so many years she was like my E3 babysitter. I could always reach for that extra drink or get into a little bit of trouble because I knew she’d be there to bail me out. I miss her so much — every single day. Talking about her with Tracey Thompson and Raina Lee made me all happy/sad. Seeing so many people that loved her was a nice reminder of how remarkable she was. I didn’t party hard during E3 2010 and it’s easy to say, “Well Raymond, you’re just older now.” But really, I didn’t have my babysitter/safety net at this year’s show.

Something in the Way I Move

Los Angeles is going well so far. Noot has unpacked more in two days than I would have in a week. The subway has been pretty excellent. Tomorrow I’ll see if the 720 bus is all that it’s cracked up to be. Getting back to the apartment — totally got lucky here. It’s much bigger and better than the model I saw a few months ago. There’s actually a bit too much space and I need to figure out what to do with it. That’s not a bad problem to have. Yeah, I still have a lot of stuff that I’m worrying about, but I the sense of adventure is totally kicking in. I am, after all, an dumb 15-year old at heart.

Anyway, here are some pictures of how the apartment has progressed in a few days.

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No Boundaries

So this is my last night as a San Francisco resident. My original plan was to move this week, but a few wrenches were thrown in the works and I thought I’d have to delay until next week. I was mentally prepared to move next week, but a few things fell into place and I’m moving as originally planned.

In a lot of ways, this is better. I have less time to brood about stupid work things (accounts payable, health insurance) and I have no time to get sad. Today was a bit of a mad dash — turning on utilities, getting a cashier’s check, changing address, buying plane tickets, etc. It’s good that I was so busy. Otherwise I’d start thinking about all the people, places, and things I’ll miss about San Francisco.

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…really sucked.

1) Can’t get a hold of the movers. They’re supposed to come tomorrow. When? I have no idea. I really hope things didn’t get messed up with that.

2) My deposit check us MIA. I sent it via UPS on Wednesday. It was supposed to arrive on Friday. UPS is trying to locate it.

3) My health insurance situation is way expensive. Apparently the rates went up after I received my initial literature and I didn’t notice this when I was signing up online. Now I’m stuck paying over $250 a week for health insurance. Yes, it’s better to have it than not, but had I know the rates would be so ridiculously high, I would have opted for a private plan. F you Spherion and Aetna.

My WrestleMania (25) Moments

As expected, my THQ-sponsored WrestleMania trip was awesome. I had a brilliant time hanging out with the boys, attending the hall of fame ceremony, interviewing WWE Superstars / Divas / Legends, and watching WrestleMania. Here are some thoughts and highlights in no particular order.

- I got to interview \”Rowdy\” Roddy Piper, Sergeant Slaughter, JTG, Tommy Dreamer, Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin, and Eve during the Superstar Challenge. Meeting legends like Piper and Slaughter was just completely frickin\’ awesome, but the highlight of the night was catching up with Shelton. I was shocked that he remembered me from previous interviews. The footage probably wasn\’t the best from the night, but it ended up being a fun spot that looked like two buddies catching up.

- Prior to the hall of fame ceremony, I interviewed Ted DiBiase, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, and Mr. Kennedy (Kennedy). My interview with Ken was a little weak and I was disappointed I couldn\’t do more with the time. The boys said he was drunk, so maybe that explains it. DiBiase is a legend, but he was sweating during the interview and I kept worrying about the shot. My spot with Mickie was totally fun. She gave me a big hug towards the end of the interview and it totally caught me off guard. Clearly she has a crush on me.

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Three More Watchmen Tidbits

- The ending didn’t really work for me. It was logical and all, but…meh. Even though more people died in the udpated ending, I don’t think it had as much as an impact as the original.

- The costumes were totally cool. I really loved the modernized Nite Owl costume. A lot of people complained about Veidt’s outfit, but I liked it. Laurie’s was sexy too. It doesn’t count as a costume, but I guess it’s a nice thing that Manhattan’s dong got bigger. I’m sure he feels better about it.

- Christian pointed out that the movie did a poor job at conveying how huge Veidt’s company was. It had its hands in everything…almost like a Daewoo. I remember going to a late ’90s CES and being shocked at the variety of Daewoo products at its booth: cars, electronics, guns, sporting goods, etc. Veidt Industries was just like that.