Three More Watchmen Tidbits

– The ending didn’t really work for me. It was logical and all, but…meh. Even though more people died in the udpated ending, I don’t think it had as much as an impact as the original.

– The costumes were totally cool. I really loved the modernized Nite Owl costume. A lot of people complained about Veidt’s outfit, but I liked it. Laurie’s was sexy too. It doesn’t count as a costume, but I guess it’s a nice thing that Manhattan’s dong got bigger. I’m sure he feels better about it.

– Christian pointed out that the movie did a poor job at conveying how huge Veidt’s company was. It had its hands in everything…almost like a Daewoo. I remember going to a late ’90s CES and being shocked at the variety of Daewoo products at its booth: cars, electronics, guns, sporting goods, etc. Veidt Industries was just like that.

One thought on “Three More Watchmen Tidbits

  1. Veidt International = Massive Dynamic
    For all us Fringe watchers out there…

    Also, this movie needs a 12-hour HBO miniseries, but all in all, I liked it a lot.

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