Breaking Wind

This wind turbine is awesome. I wish more of these would pop up. I’m perplexed by people that are vehemently against wind turbines for being eyesores that ruin nature’s beauty. Renewable energy sources are far more important for the planet’s health.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I have to be a Black Eyed Peas fan. They have a Filipino guy and they support Barack Obama (I still miss John Edwards though!). Plus, got hot Scarlett for this video. Check it out!

Here are’s thoughts on why he got together with Dylan’s kid to make this video. On a side note, I have a Weavile (an awesome ice Pokemon) named That’s frickin’ funny.

One thought on “Breaking Wind

  1. I’d like to suggest to you a different way of thinking about the turbine promise/controversy. You write that “Renewable energy sources are far more important for the planet’s health.” I submit to you that we face a “both/and” situation. Not a simple either/or, as you have suggested.

    In order for you to be “for” large turbines, you probably ought to be willing to live next door to them — in close viewing range, in close hearing range. Plus, you ought to be willing to let those who unwillingly live near them simply suffer. I suppose you should also, and contentedly, let me be upset by the fact that offshore-height turbines were deployed in upstate NY — turbines that are much higher (I was told) than they’re “supposed” to be for on-shore deployment. I am looking into it now to see if it’s true. Even if it isn’t, I loathe the look of those turbines.

    But I understand that some people such as yourself like the look of wind turbines. I’m just not one of them. I don’t want to see them in all the beautiful wild windy places of the world. Oh but I am green! No car, no kids, urban dweller, public transp user — — that’s really green right there. Few lights on at home, very little standby power leaking, don’t buy much stuff, avoid packaged stuff. I reduce and reuse, I don’t just recycle.

    So anyway I just looked at a news video clip in which a guy named Arlo Corwin of Horizon Wind Energy appears briefly. I have no idea who he is but he said something about not having encountered any sound research into adverse effects of wind turbine noise on people living near turbines. This ticked me off. Googled his website and right there on his homepage is a beautiful image of a wide, wild, turbine-free landscape. And on other pages, typical lovely family pics — at the shore — no turbines in sight —

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