Goodbye Asika Habib

2015-06-25 09.46.00

Asika left my place for the last time — well maybe the last time or perhaps the last time for a long time. Above are some lovely parting gifts I got for her. The card is something I wrote to say goodbye. The champagne was to celebrate the new job she’ll be starting next week. Lastly, the 120ml bottles of juice were a gift for our five-month fake anniversary on Sunday. The pillow is something I’ve had for a while, but she liked it way more than I ever did. I had her take it because seeing it reminds me of her and I need to not think about her so much. I’m a good person to abandon, you see — at the very least you get lovely parting gifts.

I’m happy I got to share some of my feelings with her before we said our goodbyes. I want her to know how completely wonderful she is to me. Asika truly was the best thing to happen to me for years and the months we had were amazing. For several months, she was all I had. Now that she’s gone…it’s going to be difficult. I’ll get through it, for sure, but I fear that I’ll end up more damaged than I already am. How many times can a person break before they can’t put themselves back together again? I guess I’ll find out.

On a side note, I tried to drive somewhere just now and discovered that my car battery died. That just…sucks. It’s probably for the best though; I’ve had a bit too much champagne to be driving. Thankfully, Geico is sending someone over to give the car a jump.

Miss Asika Habib…you are completely wonderful — an incredibly beautiful person inside and out. I’m going to miss you so, so much. Thank you for everything.

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