Double Ouchies

I am in quite a bit of pain at the moment. For most of October, I was bothered by retro-something bursitis in my left heel. It sucked, but was somewhat manageable, thanks to some powerful painkillers. Unfortunately, I took too many and did some gnarly things to my stomach. I had to manage the pain with over-the-counter drugs and was finally able to shake it towards the end of the month.

And then I got a bit of gout in my right foot. That’s all on me. I ate and drank poorly while I was in New York for Glenda’s wedding. Gout pain I can usually deal with, but I had a trade show to cover…which required a lot of walking. Day one I managed to walk around on my own. Day two, I needed one crutch to to hobble about. That night, I was pretty much done. My right foot was incredibly swollen and the left heel flared up again from the stress.

My crew did an exemplary job taking care of me after the show, but it was also kind of wreck. Cameraman Nate was sick and really wanted soup, so I suggested Soup Plantation. Me feet were so bad that I had to ask the guys to get my food and drinks. After dinner, I could barely get back to the car, so the crew went on a quest for crutches (I only had one). Unfortunately, they were for people 5’10” and taller — a tad too big for me, but enough of a difference that they’re uncomfortable to use. Ha!

Yeah, at this point, it’s all rather funny. I can barely make it around on my own. My crutches help, but are also too big that movement can be awkward. One bad limb, I can manage. Two is more than I can handle.

Oh well, it’s ice and bed for the next 1/2 day before I torture my body (hips and back are suffering from my awkward movement too!) for a Gwar interview.

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