E3 Without Rannie

As awesome as E3 2010 was, it was definitely weird without Rannie. It was nice to see common friends and exchange stories about her. It was also just strange not having her around or, at the very least, not being able to drunk call her. For so many years she was like my E3 babysitter. I could always reach for that extra drink or get into a little bit of trouble because I knew she’d be there to bail me out. I miss her so much — every single day. Talking about her with Tracey Thompson and Raina Lee made me all happy/sad. Seeing so many people that loved her was a nice reminder of how remarkable she was. I didn’t party hard during E3 2010 and it’s easy to say, “Well Raymond, you’re just older now.” But really, I didn’t have my babysitter/safety net at this year’s show.

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