No Boundaries

So this is my last night as a San Francisco resident. My original plan was to move this week, but a few wrenches were thrown in the works and I thought I’d have to delay until next week. I was mentally prepared to move next week, but a few things fell into place and I’m moving as originally planned.

In a lot of ways, this is better. I have less time to brood about stupid work things (accounts payable, health insurance) and I have no time to get sad. Today was a bit of a mad dash — turning on utilities, getting a cashier’s check, changing address, buying plane tickets, etc. It’s good that I was so busy. Otherwise I’d start thinking about all the people, places, and things I’ll miss about San Francisco.

I really suck at saying goodbye. There are lots of people I wanted to see before I left, but it would have made leaving a more…difficult experience. Certainly I would have loved to have seen Rannie. I wish she was there for my farewell dinner with Kit and Kenny. I’ll miss both of those  guys a ton. I’ve been living with Kit for over five years. There’s a lot I’ve learned from him, some of which I’ve integrated (or tried) into my personality. I admire the way he shows his emotions — he’s rarely difficult to read. Too often in the past I’ve tried to hide things or make people think I was feeling another way, simply to satisfy them. With Kit, I’ve learned that it’s perfectly fine to feel the way you feel without feeling exposed or embarrassed or overly concerned with how others will react. Kenny and I have had some great adventures in Thailand and America. He’s truly one of the sweetest and most generous people I’ve ever met. He’s been incredible to Noot and made her transition to Western life exponentially easier.

It’s going to be tough for Noot in Los Angeles. Without people like Kit andKenny around, I worry about her being lonely or having difficulty with simple things. I won’t be working from home anymore and I’ll have a short commute every day. The first month (maybe two?) I’ll be worrying way too much about her. I know she’ll adapt quickly, but I worry about her making friends. She has some really good friends in San Francisco and it’s a shame that she’s leaving them behind for a city where she doesn’t really know anyone, aside from a few of my friends that she’s met once or twice. I hope she makes her own friends quickly. I really worry about being away on business; in SF, Kit and Kenny were around if anything happened. I worry about Noot being alone in LA.

Los Angeles should be good in most ways. Even though I’m getting screwed with health insurance (admittedly through a stupid mistake of my own), it’s good to have steady work, benefits, and all that. The warmer weather will be great too and it’ll be fun learning a new city with Noot.

[Break: Just spent a few hours drinking a bottle of champagne with Kit.]

Okay, the champagne and enjoyable conversation made me forget about the rest of my thoughts. Also, I need to do a bit of work before heading to the airport. Bye bye!

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