My WrestleMania (25) Moments

As expected, my THQ-sponsored WrestleMania trip was awesome. I had a brilliant time hanging out with the boys, attending the hall of fame ceremony, interviewing WWE Superstars / Divas / Legends, and watching WrestleMania. Here are some thoughts and highlights in no particular order.

– I got to interview \”Rowdy\” Roddy Piper, Sergeant Slaughter, JTG, Tommy Dreamer, Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin, and Eve during the Superstar Challenge. Meeting legends like Piper and Slaughter was just completely frickin\’ awesome, but the highlight of the night was catching up with Shelton. I was shocked that he remembered me from previous interviews. The footage probably wasn\’t the best from the night, but it ended up being a fun spot that looked like two buddies catching up.

– Prior to the hall of fame ceremony, I interviewed Ted DiBiase, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, and Mr. Kennedy (Kennedy). My interview with Ken was a little weak and I was disappointed I couldn\’t do more with the time. The boys said he was drunk, so maybe that explains it. DiBiase is a legend, but he was sweating during the interview and I kept worrying about the shot. My spot with Mickie was totally fun. She gave me a big hug towards the end of the interview and it totally caught me off guard. Clearly she has a crush on me.

– The hall of fame ceremony itself was pretty cool. I was huge on Steamboat and Kerry Von Erich. I loathed Terry Funk as a kid (a testament to how great a heel he was) but came to love his work in ECW. Austin was phenomenal and a huge part of why WWE overtook WCW. That said, it wasn\’t as enjoyable as last year\’s ceremony. The emotion behind Flair\’s induction was tremendous and The Rock did a masterful job at warming up the crowd. This year, it felt overproduced and too constrained by TV time. I wish Austin had more time to talk about his career, particularly the early days, training with Chris Adams, winning minor titles in WCW, and finding his voice in ECW. It\’s just a shame that a portion of the event is live. I\’d love to hear these great stories from these legendary wrestlers.

– It was great fun working with Joel again. I miss hanging and working with him from my Yahoo! Reset days. It was cool to be working with a shooter that I have a vibe with. My best stuff has always been with shooters that I know and like. I don\’t have to worry about the shot or anything. I just try to entertain myself and the shooter — the results are usually pretty good. Plus, I know Joel is an awesome editor and will come up with great stuff. It was cool taking him to his first WrestleMania event. Hopefully our project turns some heads at work.

– Naturally, hanging out with the boys made the trip an absolute blase. I didn\’t get to hang with Justin much, since he kept riding in the jobber bus while I was with the other headliners. Wasting time with Jose, Geoff, and Joey was a total trip. It was cool seeing Willy and Scully — guys I only see at WrestleMania. Jaime was an excellent babysitter and put up with our excessive impersonations of \”Stone Cold\”, Chris Jericho, Geoff Keighley, and more. It was the most fun I\’ve had on the road in a long, long time, but at the end of the day I still missed being home with Noot. Funny how that goes.

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