Watched the Watchmen

Christian, Noot, and I saw Watchmen. It was enjoyable, but there was a lot missing. I’m still not sure who this movie is for. Fans of the book will notice the numerous omissions required to get the movie at 2:41. A lot of the movies subtleties were also killed…I guess that’s what bugged me the most — a lot of things were dealt with in a ham-fisted way. Hopefully it inspires some people to pick up the graphic novel so they can see what an awesome work it is.

Now for some spoilerificness!

Some of the scenes were changed from subtle to in-your-face. Did people really need Dr. Manhattan to tell them that Blake was Laurie’s father? In Rorschach’s big transformation scene, did it need to be said that the murderer killed the little girl? I’m not sure what’s sadder — the fact that Snyder felt that people needed to be told outright or that some people need to be told out right. Ugh.

“So impotent.” and “I did it!” Five words that were not in the movie, taken from two powerful panels in the book.

Ozymandias was all wrong. I always felt that the actor was too young, but he also had this crap accent. If that’s the way Snyder wanted to go then he should have went full on and gotten Christopher Lambert (not really). I also agree with my friend Dan in thinking that Ozy’s portrayal was way off. You never got the sense that he cared about the world so much that he was willing to kill millions in order to save. Christian pointed out that he came off as petty, which is absolutely true.

Dr. Manhattan worked way better than I thought he would. He’s a very difficult character to make interesting in a movie. Snyder totally pulled this off.

Rorschach was awesome, but some of my favorite scenes and subtleties were absent. Kelly Leak really was the best choice for this role. It’s one of those performances where I can’t think of anyone that could’ve done a better job. Very cool. Younger moviegoers will love him. Hopefully they read the book for his full awesomeness.

Patrick Wilson did a fine job at portraying Nite Owl as a broken and lost man. Aside from the lack of weight, he was a perfect Dan. The costume really transformed him and made him heroic.

Laurie wasn’t as bad as I’ve read. Out of all the main characters, she had the most material cut and it showed. Still, she didn’t bother me. She was just kind of there.

The Comedian was pretty perfect, even more than Rorschach. I guess those two performances were the truest.

I was surprised at how entertaining the action was. I wasn’t expecting much, but the fight scenes were brutal and fun.

In the end, I’m happy that I saw the movie and I’m happy that it exists. I’m curious to see the blu-ray release with the added scenes and the Black Freighter stuff. I still don’t know who this movie is for though. It’ll confuse the crap out of newcomers, while those familiar with the source material have plenty to complain about.

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