Meaty Weekend

I had a lot to think about this past weekend. I also had some excellent friends over. I’ll talk about the former in a few days (if all goes as planned). For now, I’ll talk about the latter. Martin, Amanda (Martin’s hot daughter), Andy, and Mod came over on Saturday. It was neat seeing my Thailand friends in San Francisco. Noot invited Ging’s family too, so there were plenty of people over for wine and barbecue.

We went through a lot of bottles of wine (Kenny’s and mine), the Thai people ate fish stuff, Amanda and Andy had tuna steaks because they’re communists, and the smart people had rib eyes. The steaks were from this butcher in my old neighborhood. They were absolutely brilliant. Martin brought me this awesome Thai motorbike-taxi driver vest. That was even more brilliant. I’ll post photos of the vest soon.

There was unused hamburger meat from the BBQ, so I made my excellent onion/beer burgers tonight. Yeah…way too much meat this weekend.

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