Eye Have It

So I got an eye exam today. It was way overdue (haven’t had ’em checked for three years). Everything is pretty normal. My prescription hasn’t changed. My right eye has some scar tissue; the doctor says it’s most likely from me touching my eye when I had conjunctivitis. The other possibility is that I did some damage while I slept in my contacts. I’ve done it a few times, but not that often (like Christian). It’s something I need to keep an eye on though (*snicker*).

I’m trying out 1-Day Acuvue Moist contacts. So far, they’re amazingly comfortable. They’ve been in for about four hours and my eyes aren’t the least bit dry. I’ve used daily disposables before. They’re really convenient (especially for travel) and more hygenic, but they’re costlier. I figure these are worth it for now, since I don’t wear contacts all the time and I have to save a bit before I can get new glasses (still want that insurance thing). I’m digging them so far!

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