Dispenser? I Hardly Know Her!

In the last 24 hours, I was asked to dispense career advice to two people I really like and respect. It’s more than a bit funny considering I haven’t had a full-time job in years and my job hunt has been pretty…you know. Both people were seeking information and perspective. One person got a ton of 411 and was happy that I was able to help him see the situation better. The other person totally missed out on an aspect of his situation and was happy that I brought it to his attention. In the latter case, I was almost surprised that he didn’t see this obvious advantage, but I know that when you’re stuck in the middle of a mess that it can be hard to see clearly.

Anyway, I was happy to help out my two pals. Hopefully it’s just karmic prepayment, as there are two people I really want to talk to regarding my job possibility. With any luck, I’ll be getting some valuable advice this weekend!

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