The Paper Chase Continues

I just about have everything set for Noot’s next batch of paperwork. Unfortunately, I made a stupid mistake and did not copy her immunization papers. The originals were handed to the immigration officer at SFO. The government requires a copy of these for the next step. The good news is that the hospital in Bangkok is super easy to work with. I emailed them and told them the skinny. A few hours later, someone replied and told me what I needed to do so that they could email me a scan of the form.

On a side note, Bumrungrad is a pretty amazing hospital — one of the most impressive I’ve seen anywhere in the world. It’s considered the “expensive” hospital in Bangkok, but it’s still amazingly cheap compared to Western prices. A lot of people actually go on “medical vacations” to get procedures done by Western-schooled doctors at an affordable price.

Oh, I find it funny that every government form for Noot’s paperwork talks about a “Reduction of Paperwork Act”, yet I have to hand in four of the same forms I already submitted to a different government department. You know boys…if you shared your information you’d save a whole mess of trees.

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