Somewhat Productive

This was the most productive week I’ve had since I’ve been back from Thailand. July was just a wash — helping Noot acclimate to a new country and preparing to go to NY took up most of my time. I had a bit of work, but it was tough looking for more with so much to worry about. After the NY trip, I had to help Noot find an English school and accompany her there. This made early August kind of tough.

Thankfully, she can get to school on her own now. I’ve been able to scrounge up some work (thanks to two dear friends) and spend more time (unsuccessfully) looking for a full-time job. It’s still very much a struggle, but I’m trying hard to stay positive. Of course I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the support of a few excellent friends. For that, I’m thankful.

Still, there are things I get anxious about. Noot has come down with a soar throat. She doesn’t have a fever or anything, but she’s been a little uncomfortable the last two days. More than likely, it’s just a little cold, but I’m so terrified that it might be worse and I’m even more terrified that I don’t have health insurance for her. So in addition to finding freelance jobs to scrounge by, looking for a good full-time job, and fretting about my finances, I’ve been over-worrying (Zoe term) about health insurance. It’s weird that my aches and pains (including my one scary one) never bothered me this much. Seriously, I freaked out more when she cut her finger doing the dishes than when I thought I might have testicular cancer. I just want to take excellent care of her. I guess I’m frustrated that I can’t do more for her, aside from getting by.

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