New Schedules

Noot started her ESL classes last week. I brought her to class to help her get to know the bus/BART route. While she was in class, I ran some errands and stayed online at various free hotspots. The last bit was kind of a pain. Finding the good, consistent connections was a minor ordeal. I settled on the Metreon, since it’s close to school and the connection was pretty good. Still, it was hard to get a lot done. Noot’s class is only two hours, so fiddling with fickle connections and trying to get into a rhythm for work was a bit challenging. The good news is that I have the process all sorted now. The better news is that Noot knows how to get to school by herself, but I’ll probably continue to accompany her most of this week so I don’t worry too much.

Saturday, our household had a nice wine-and-cheese gathering. It was a pretty fun time. We went through 12 bottles of wine — 7 purchased for the party, 2 brought by guests, and 3 from my wine rack. We had a ton of malbec, but I really enjoyed Kenny’s cabernet and the pinot noir from my collection. Noot made some pad thai that I didn’t get to try, but other people said was good. Karen brough this excellent fig spread that I kept calling fig scrotum (becuse that’s what I thought Ted said when he first mentioned it). All in all it was an excellent drunken time with good wine, good eats, and good friends.

So I’m ready to tackle enother week. After my haphazard schedule and getting rejected for that job I wanted, I really hope this week turns out better than the last one. There’s a new project that should hopefully be starting this week. It’s a temp thing, but the work should be super fun. I have a bunch of things to write for BB too, so I should be busy. Maybe I’ll have a miracle hit me and land one of those job things…or win the lottery. The latter would rule, but the former would be really nice too!

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