Two Nudges

Nudge #1 — This is for a job that I’m mildly interested in, based in an area that I’m mildly interested in living. On the plus side, I imagine the salary would be good and I know the weather would be lovely. The person I nudged seemed quite enthused about the prospect of having me in the company. On the plus side for Noot, the weather and lifestyle would be more to her liking. The downers would be less interesting work and less socializing (this are lower priorities at this stage of my life). Noot would also have to start her English classes over.

Nudge #2 — This is for the job I really, really want and it wouldn’t require moving. The commute would be easy, the people are super cool, and the creative opportunities are exciting. Unfortunately, the person I nudged didn’t seem too interested (hopefully I’m wrong). A lot of things would be easier if this job came through. Plus, I really want it.

Oh well. Let’s see.

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