– United is using Archos hard-drive players for its PS service (business class). They’re stocked with movies, TV shows, music, and games. They were pretty fun to play around with and much, much better than the DVD players UA used to offer.

– Had a fun weekend with Kenny and Tony. We had a delicious lunch at The Slanted Door. We ordered a bunch of dishes and two bottles of white wine. P Tony was nice enough (and rich enough!) to pay for most of it. The only downer was that Noot got upset when I tried to tell her that it was inappropriate to listen to her MP3s at a nice restaurant. Ah, these lovely, little cultural differences.

– Lunch was followed by another bottle of white and a tasty malbec at The Wine Bar. I really liked the atmosphere, service, and pricing of this joint. I’m sure it’s irritating and full of crap people during the week, but it was lazy and laid back on Saturday.

– Oh yeah. I have a bunch of pictures up. Here’s a random NY set and a nuptial NY set. I’ll post some of the better ones after the break.

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