Back From NY!

New York was pretty awesome and pretty tiring. It was wonderful seeing my family, eating real pizza, and relaxing in the suburbs. I could have done without the humidity and (especially) the conjunctivitis. One thing that I enjoyed (and totally forgot I missed) was Italian ice. It’s such an awesome and refreshing summer treat.

As I mentioned in my last post, Noot and I went to Manhattan. It was a bit much for her and she didn’t really care for it. She really enjoyed my parents’ house in Oyster Bay — the quiet, the trees, and the relative smallness of it all appealed to her. It looks like I’ll be looking for a similar location when my mom retires (i.e. when it’s time to have kids).

The wedding party was way more fun than I thought it would be. It was the happiest I’ve seen my mom in years (outside of a casino). It was also great seeing so many old family friends. It didn’t really hit me until I saw them all, but so many of them were people that have known me for my entire life. It’s great seeing my parents with some of their oldest and closest friends like Tita Lou, Tita Tootsie, and Tito Billy. It was a bit surreal seeing Jorge and Miriam, as I was the ring bearer at their wedding. Tito Inayet took some wonderful photos and Tita Maggie put them all together in an album. Mari Pi (cousin) made the cake, floral arrangements, and party gifts. It was awesome seeing cousin Chris and cousin Cindy. Omar (Inayet and Maggie’s son) is a frickin’ doctor now! Tito Romel, Tita Imelda, and Tita Linda reminded me of all those excellent camping trips I took as a kid. It was also excellent seeing Tito Rami, Tito Per, Ninong Joe, and Tita Pillar. I just wish Tito Arthur and Tito Hermie were still alive.

Due to the short notice and unexpected largeness of the party, not a lot of my friends were able to make it. That’s okay though since this part “doesn’t count” and Noot won’t really think of us as married until the Thai ceremony. Still, it was awesome having my fake cousin Mae there. She was such a big part of my formative years — early teens all the way to college. Naturally, it was awesome seeing Steve. He’s been a huge part of my life since college. It really would have been weird without him there. That said, it was still weird without Zoe, Rannie, Kit, Justin, Kenny, etc. That’s what the post-Thailand party is for!

The only down note of the trip was that Noot had a drunken tantrum way after the party. It was just a culmination of being drunk, meeting dozens of people, following my mom’s plans, not having her own friends, and being frustrated by her limited ability to communicate. Only Reggie, Steve, Mae, and Reggie’s friends were around for that. Reggie’s friends were pretty scared of the whole ordeal, but I’ve seen Thai girl tantrums in the past so it didn’t really phase me. Ha!

Oh yeah, the next day mom drove Noot and me to Atlantic City. It was a long trip that probably wasn’t worth it, but it made my mom happy. It took four hours to get there, 30 minutes to check in, and an hour until we were seated for dinner. On the plus side, I had more Italian ice, the hot tub was awesome (the next morning), and The Borgata was a nice hotel.

Anyway, that’s about it for the trip. I have lots of photos to process and more to receive from family/friends. I’d get started, but my Noromis key hasn’t arrived even though I (finally) paid for it.

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