Eye Am Sore

So New York has been pretty good so far…except for my conjunctivitis. Last week (I think on Thursday), I woke up with a really itchy right eye. I definitely scratched and rubbed it way too much. It got worse on the weekend, so I went to my mom’s hospital. Turns out I had conjunctivitis and a scratch. I tried very hard to keep it from spreading, but it was super hot in NYC on Wednesday and I was sweating a lot. Additional rubbing spread this annoying ailment to my left eye.

Now, I’ve certainly been in worse pain in the past, but this has been the most irritating sensation I’ve experienced. My right eye went from dry, wet, itchy, and painful — cycling through each feeling every few minutes. At one point, my right eye was pretty much a red slit. Thankfully, it’s (mostly) under control thanks to some antibiotic eye drops.

In other news, it’s nice to be home for a bit. I’ve really enjoyed seeing my family, eating great pizza, and going to Manhattan. Unfortunately, NYC was a bit overwhelming for Noot, the humidity is wretched, and my brother’s dog is on his last legs. There’s definitely been way more good than bad.

There’s still a lot left to do in a short time. My parents’ house is in setup mode for the big party tomorrow. Sunday we’re driving to Atlantic City, we get back on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday we’re flying back to San Francisco. Noot and I feel a bit run down now. Hopefully we won’t get sick from the next few days.

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