25 Days Later

So Noot has been here for 25 days. She’s been adjusting as well as can be expected. We found some great Thai markets, so she’s been cooking up a storm. In fact, most of my meals this month have been home cooked (and quite delicious). She’s been able to stay in touch with friends and family through VoIP. She’s seen lots of new and interesting things in a whole new world.

On the downside, she’s anxious to start English school. We didn’t have enough time for her to start this month since we’re off to New York. She’s shy about her English and she really wants to learn so that she can communicate and make new friends. I’m glad she realizes how important it is and I want to get her started straight away.

We’ve been lucky that Kenny has been around to hang out. She’s known him for a few years, so she’s really comfortable around him. She also had fun hanging out with Kohler, who was able to communicate with her easily through the (heavy) use of pantomime.

Oh yeah, that flight back was pretty fun…

…I used miles to book Noot a ticket on first class (it’s easy to book saver awards on first or economy, but nearly impossible for business class). She didn’t want to sit alone, so she gave up her seat to sit in business with me. She enjoyed all the food and wine at the first class lounge in Narita. On the NRT to SFO leg, we had a Thai-American flight attendant. She chatted with Noot a lot and gave us a bottle of champagne to take home. While part of me wanted her to enjoy the first class treatment, I would have been worrying about her a lot. Besides, she said she couldn’t figure out how to move the seat.

Anyway, there are lots more photos here and here.

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