“I’ve been waiting for so long,

For something to arrive.”

So I’m finally picking up Noot! It’s not really setting in yet. It just feels like I’ve been waiting for a long time for her visa to clear, delay after delay. Right now I feel excited to see her, but it doesn’t feel real, that she’s coming back with me and all.

I feel grateful to so many people that have helped me make it to this point — Rannie, Kit, Ted, Kenny, Zoe, Andy, and Tony. I’m sure there are lots more I’m forgetting.

Rannie dropped me off at SFO, which felt very appropriate. I can’t imagine what I’d do without that one. Tony sponsored upgrades for my flight, which was super awesome. The upgrades cleared at the gate, thankfully. I hung out in the SFO first class lounge with P Andy and now we’re doing the same dance in NRT. Free sashimi and oolong rules!

Oh yeah, P Andy changed his flight so we could travel together. That was super cool too.

Well, we have a couple of hours to kill before our next leg. Time to munch, shower (not together), and walk a bit.

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