I Miss My GBS

So I downloaded and installed Firefox 3. It’s a great product and I want to support the open-source effort. It’s certainly snappier than the previous version — the javascript performance is noticable right away — but there’s one major disappointment: no Google Browser Sync. The company is no longer supporting the product. GBS was, by far, my favorite Firefox add-on. It’s nice that it backed up my bookmarks, passwords, cookies, etc., but the one feature I loved was that it saved open tabs. So whenever I closed Firefox it would save all the tabs I had open. Next time I started the program, it launched the tabs I had open. I always start off with the same four tabs (two email accounts, boxing forums, and Pokemon forums). Having to manually type them in is a real drag and I sorely miss GBS. Hopefully a suitable replacement comes along soon.

This is the first time I’ve ever been pissed at Google.

One thought on “I Miss My GBS

  1. Err. Problem solved! Between Foxmarks Synchronizer and some preferences tweaks, I can get most of what Google Smart Browsing offered.

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