Hulk Smash!!!

Kenny and I caught The Incredible Hulk. As I expected, it wasn’t nearly as good as Iron Man. Ed Norton and the director were lobbying for another 30 minutes. To me, the movie definitely needed it. There’s barely any story or character development. In the comics, Banner is a pretty tragic figure, but in the movie, the audience isn’t given enough time to grow attached to him. The plot is just too thin and the focus is all on the action, in a typical summer-blockbuster way. I understand why Marvel wanted the footage cut, but I would have enjoyed the movie more if it had more meat.

Also, Liv Tyler — as amazingly gorgeous as she is — is totally unbelievable as a scientist. It was almost as bad as Denise Richards being a nuclear physicist in that Bond movie.

On the plus side, I like how Marvel is progressing towards an Avengers movie. It’s about time all these superhero movies were made in a cohesive way. It also helps support the upcoming Thor and Captain America movies. Cap should do okay, but Thor needs some help…which is ironic since he’s an Asgardian god.

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