Sustainable Fashion

I try to eat organic foods when they are affordable (fruits, veggies, coffee, tea, and meat) so that I can help out the planet in a small way. Some time in the last year — I don’t recall exactly when — I bought these organic t-shirts from American Apparel. They’re comfy and neat — definitely among my favorite t-shirts in the current rotation. Today I was surprised to learn that sustainable clothing is growing rapidly and is expected to be a three-billion dollar industry by the end of this year.

Affliction Bamboo Shirt

It’s nice to see some well-known companies getting into the act (yes I know they’re still profiting, but it’s good for consumers to have these options). Recently, I purchased some Teva Estios, which are made from recycled canvas and rubber. At the time they were $15. Now they’re sold out, so hopefully some bargain hunters will be turned onto green clothing. I was surprised to see Affliction offering two shirts made from bamboo blends. Affliction is super trendy right now, especially to boxing and MMA fans. I hope a major boxer or MMA fighter starts a bamboo line with Affliction just to get the messaging out to a broader audience. Anyway, it’s pretty cool that companies like Teva and Affliction are offering green/sustainable clothing.

Bamboo clothing is pretty fascinating. Bamboo is wondrous for the environment compared to other crops. It requires little water, no pesticides, grows incredibly fast, and reinvigorates the soil, making it an awesome bumper crop. Some companies are using environmentally unfriendly ways to turn bamboo into cloth, but even in those cases it has less of an impact on the planet. Hopefully there will be some kind of certification similar to some organic food and fair trade groups. This was consumers can know if the bamboo products they’re shopping for are really good for the planet.

Anyway, I hope this post and the accompanying links have inspired you to look into Earth-friendly fashion. Even incorporating a shirt or two into your wardrobe helps. Hopefully you think about it next time you replace your tattered, worn-down, holey shirt (which should be donated or recycled).

One thought on “Sustainable Fashion

  1. Hey Raymond,

    Here’s another accompanying link for you:

    There are some good resources for sustainable clothing for men and women that’s affordable and hip. Check us out – and thanks 🙂

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