Holy Shirt

I have to find a barong for obvious purposes. I haven’t worn one of these in years, but it’s important to my family and me that I wear one for my wedding. There used to be a shop in Daly City that sold them, but it closed. There’s one in Vallejo…but it’s in Vallejo. So it looks like I’m just going to have get new measurements and trust some online vendors. I found two that I kind of like so far — this one and this one.

Anyway, let me know if you have an opinion on either one of those barongs. The first one isn’t very traditional, but I like that it blends Filipino and Chinese culture. The second one is more tradition, except for the Mandarin collar.

Hmmmm, I wonder if I could get one tailored in Thailand for cheap. Maybe I should go to Vallejo to see what it costs at a b&m shop. I’m getting a barong-induced headache.

Edit: I found the site for the shop in Vallejo. They should be able to make me one that’s close to what I want. Some of the barongs on their site are a bit terrifying.

2 thoughts on “Holy Shirt

  1. I like the idea of picking one with Chinese influence — gives props to both sides of your family. What will the lady wear?

  2. She’ll be wearing a traditional Thai costume. We’re going to the garment district on Friday/Saturday to look for something she likes.

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