I just had a phone interview with the CEO of this startup in the Mission. She didn’t have my resume in front of her and she asked some really stupid questions. It was just…wow. I found her to be really scatterbrained and unprofessional. After some random talk that seemed entirely without focus, she came to the conclusion that she’d be more interested in someone with startup experience. It was pretty much a waste of time for both of us. Oh well, I got a bad vibe from her anyway (kept thinking the C-word) and I don’t think I’d enjoy being around her.

Thankfully I have another phoner at 1PM. It can only be better. Ha!

2 thoughts on “Ewwwww

  1. Not looking to start shit, but I think you should reevaluate using the “c” word in that way (or at all). Attached URL explains why.

    Just sharing, fyi, etc.

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