It’s a Different World

My friend Andy’s girlfriend, Mod, has a special visitor — her grandmother. Her grandma has never traveled too far from the village she’s from and it’ll be her first time in Bangkok. Granny prepared for the trip by purchasing her first pair of real shoes. I imagine she’s only had basic flip-flops before.

She was worried about staying with Mod, because Mod lives on the ninth floor. Granny has never been in an elevator and was unaware of the concept. When she got into the elevator in Mod’s building, she sat down when the door closed.

When she looked down from Mod’s balcony, she wondered about all those fast metal things. She thought they were a variety of ducks she’s never seen before. Mod had to explain that cars look small from very far away. Grandma was convinced that the cars were driving themselves since people are too big to fit into very small cars. She’s enjoying spending time on the balcony, watching the cars go by.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Different World

  1. i find it difficult to believe that she doesn’t understand the basic concept of perspective. sure, she’s never been high up, but she’s been far away from shit, surely?

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