The Human Element

For some reason, a lot of people are charmed by the “human element” of sports officiating. I think it’s pretty retarded. Umpires play too large a roll in baseball. Strike zones are inconsistent from ump to ump. Strike zones magically expand during a blowout. It’s pretty dumb. A pitch that’s a ball in the second inning should still be a ball in the ninth.

Basketball is just as bad. I’m still struggling with the concept of a “playoff foul”. If it’s a foul in the regular season then it should be a foul in the playoffs. The ball is the same. The court size is the same. The players are the same. The rules that govern the game should be the same. During tonight’s game, the commentators were discussing whether a play was a flagrant foul or not. Jeff Van Gundy — a former coach that I really like — claimed that it would have been a flagrant during the regular season, but it shouldn’t have been a flagrant in the post-season. That’s just crap.

Last night’s non-call could have decided the game. Brent Barry was clearly fouled, but it wasn’t called — presumably because it was a “playoff non-call”. That’s just garbage. The league is taking the easy way out by admitting the referees made a mistake. It’s just perplexing that fans, players, and coaches accept this magical transformation of rules. Imagine if laws were like that?

2 thoughts on “The Human Element

  1. What a shitty way to end such a promising playoffs. Referee/league bias runs rampant, and we get the match-up I personally least wanted to see.

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