Pujols = Power, Terry = Oops

Not only is Albert Pujols one of the best players in baseball, he is now one of the most fearsome. In one inning he took out the pitcher (line drive to the face) and the catcher (slid into his ankle, spraining it). Check out this video for all the baseball carnage. I’ve seen one player beat a team by himself, but I’ve never seen one player decimate a roster with such efficiency.

Don't Slip, Moron

Chelski used all its Russian mob money to lose the UEFA championship to Manchester United. I still think that it’s total crap that a game — especially such an important one — can be decided by a penalty shootout. You don’t see the NBA championship being decided by a three-point contest or the World Series being decided by a homerun derby. Yes, football is a taxing sport, but I could care less about the players’ fatigue. They’re professional athletes that are paid exorbitant money. They should play until they pass out. Plus, it’s just sad that Chelsea could have won if John Terry didn’t slip during his penalty kick. Having said that, a big “ha ha” to you Mr. Terry.

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