Time for a Journey?

Journey (accompanied by Heart and Cheap Trick) finishes their summer tour in California. I’m kind of interested in going. Rannie and I saw them in Oakland when they had the Justin Guarini lookalike as the lead singer. I wasn’t too high on that guy, but the new singer is this Filipino guy Neal Schon found on YouTube. That’s pretty cool. Nobody could ever replace Steve Perry (his nose gives him magical singing powers), but a Filipino dude is as good as it’ll get for me. It’s pretty crazy how close his voice is to Perry’s. Check him out!

After the break are some older clips from the Filipino cover band that got him the job. It’s more Journey plus Cheap Trick and Survivor!

Edit: Some of those vids are being pulled. Check out this search though. The band might as well be playing Raymond’s Greatest Hits.

2 thoughts on “Time for a Journey?

  1. Sorry, but I must disagree. The new ‘frontman’ of Journey is karaoke at it’s worst. To replace Steve Perry is nothing less than a disgrace.
    Would the Stones be the Stones without Mick? I rest my case.
    Neal Schon should be ashamed and embarrassed at the direction he has taken this once great Band. Swallow your pride Neal or retire.

  2. I don’t completely disagree with you. When Augeri replaced Perry, I thought it was sacrilegious. I fully admit that I’m excited for the “new” Journey because Pineda is Filipino. I have to support my people!

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