The Yankees are in last place. That’s pretty embarrassing considering how large the team’s payroll is. Yes, A-Rod and Posada are on the DL, but the team should not be in last. I don’t remember the last time the Yanks were in last this far into the season. It was probably the early ’90s or something. I’m sure they’ll pick it up, but there’s a chance they’ll miss the playoffs this year.

I know some of you don’t like Chris Matthews, but most of you probably like Kevin James less. This video of Matthews shutting down James is pretty hilarious. It’s pretty funny watching him flounder and talk out of his ass on a topic he knows nothing about. He’s just blabbing and pushing the party line. He just should have admitted his ignorance straight away. If you lack patience, skip to 03:54. That’s when it starts getting good.

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