Six Time, Six Time, Six Time!!!

The Pistons made it to the Eastern Conference Finals for the sixth year in a row. Tayshaun had a wicked block in Q4. It reminded everyone of that block he had on Reggie Miller, though it wasn’t quite as cool or dramatic.

The Magic are acting like a bunch of ingrates. “They didn’t do anything that beat us, we just made too many mistakes,” said Hedo Turkoglu. You got beat Eurotrash. Detroit’s defense was a big reason you were making too many mistakes. If your team is going to guarantee a win then it probably shouldn’t make too many mistakes.

Anyway, it’s cool that they’re in the Conference Finals. That’s probably as far as they’ll go. I don’t see how they can beat the Celtics. Though if the Cavs can pull it off, I like their chances against them.

I hope Kobe’s back isn’t too messed up. I really want Utah to lose. They’re just such an unlikable franchise. Boozer has no honor. Harpring is a big corn-fed mule from Ohio — his grandfather’s name is norb, so he clearly is a descendant of other corn-fed mules. Korver is the stereotypical limited white player — he can shoot and…shoot. Kirilenko looks like an emaciated Frankenstein’s monster. The owner is Mormon. And the name makes no sense!!! I do like Bill Simmons’ idea of having having New Orleans and Utah play each other so that NO can take the name back to where it makes sense.

All that said, Deron Williams is pretty fun to watch. It’s pretty cool having two young, excellent point guards out west. Chris Paul gets the edge because of his Ric Flair Whooooooooos.

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