Gas Guzzling

So the NHTSA set a 36mpg fleet minimum for automakers. This sounds great on paper and the car companies weren’t screaming about it, so I thought that maybe the government might have passed some effective environmental policy. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of sliding rules that car makers can play with so that they don’t have to hit that minimum. It’s really kind of pathetic. At first glance, the policy looks fantastic — a notable step in our necessary need to consume less oil. These silly rules just allow car makers to extend the wheelbase of a car in order to slide on the miles-per-gallon requirements. It seems so arbitrary and stupid, but it’s just a convenient out so that lobbyists for the auto industry don’t come down on the government.

Two cars of the same size and weight can have different mpg requirements depending on their wheelbase. How does this make sense?!?

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