I Love This Game

I spent a lot of time watching the NBA playoffs over the weekend. There were a lot of fun games. A few things stood out for me.

– It’s laughable that the NBA claims that Southwest is its official airline. No NBA player is going to take a crap airline that doesn’t have business class or first class. Perhaps it’s the official airline for the refs. Every time a Southwest promo played, I chuckled at the thought of Yao Ming not being able to get a good seat because he’s in customer group C.

Cosby Kids

– I love watching Tayshaun Prince play. He has such a well-balanced game and does so many little things that go unappreciated. While the Pistons dogged it in the first half of Sunday’s game, Tay scored a few points, nabbed a steal, and grabbed some key offensive rebounds. He’s a bit of a throwback and would have fit in nicely with The Bad Boys of the late ’80s and early ’90s. More importantly, he looks like the missing Cosby Kid from Fat Albert.

Luis Scola is my new favorite player. He has awesome hair and is from Argentina. In my mind he’s the Argentinian Juan Valdez and spends the off season traveling with his donkey as he tends to his coffee farm. He also had this idiotic contract situation with his Argentinian team; he wanted to play for the Spurs where fellow coffee maker Manu Ginobili plays. Unfortunately they couldn’t come to an agreement with the Argentinian team, so they traded his rights to the Rockets.

More importantly, Justin hates him for some reason. (I’ve long suspected that he harbors a deep hatred for Argentinians, like most Finnish people.) This makes me like Scola about 732 percent more. I sent him — Justin, not Scola *snicker* — some messages while he was at the game and he got tired of my jokes because he hasn’t entered the new millennium by adding an SMS plan for his mobile phone. The last part surprised me a bit (even Ben has an SMS plan). It’s such a convenient way of communicating short ideas that don’t require a conversation. Then again, he’s not as tech-forward as most of my friends are. I don’t love him any less though…despite his inability to see the logic of frequent flyer programs.

– Oh, check it: 250GB of free online storage for being a Digglett. You don’t actually have to be on Digg or blog or whatever. The service is supposed to be really good.

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