Wedding Time

Tonight is Karen and Patrick’s wedding (she gets top billing because I met her first). I’m super excited to go! It’s at the zoo, by the carousel, which should make for some outstanding photos. Hopefully it doesn’t go too late, because I’m really intrigued by the Bernard Hopkins/Joe Calzaghe fight. Normally, I wouldn’t be that excited about a fight between two old boxers, but both guys are still in tremendous shape. More importantly, their styles are a very interesting contrast. Calzaghe, who is the heavy favorite, overwhelms with his opponents with sheer activity. Few fighters throw was many punches per round as he does. Hopkins is a wily veteran that knows every trick in the book, has amazing defense and fundamentals, and has shown a curious ability to take his opponents out of their game. Calzaghe is a tad younger and fresher, but Hopkins lives a spartan lifestyle and keeps himself in amazing shape for a 43-year old. Calzaghe should win on paper, but I think Hopkins can pull it out, even though he’s around +200/+240 at most sportsbooks.

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