A Tale of Three Meals

Zoe and I had a lovely/fun dinner on Friday night. We started off with some red wine, Irish cheddar, and gourmet salami (which goes brilliantly with red wine, btw). I cooked up some chicken and macaroni while Bill Maher was ranting. Then we watched The Holiday. The combination of hearty food, a sappy movie, two bottles or wine, and excellent company made the night lots of fun. It was just outstanding catching up with her last week. It’s the most content I’ve felt in months.

Earlier that day, Rannie and I had lunch at this excellent diner. Their breakfast food looks fantastic, but I wasn’t in the mood for it so I had a reuben. I definitely want to go back for some bacon, eggs, and pancakes. They’re known for their tiny pancakes and I really want to try them out.

After Karen and Patrick’s party on Saturday, a bunch of us went out for some Salvadorian food. The salsa was almost comical — it tasted like ketchup with some additional spices. When my burrito came out, I almost asked the server, “Do you have any good salsa?” The burrito tasted okay, but it was clearly the worst one I’ve ever had in the Mission. The consistency was mushy. At first I equated it with a Taco Bell seven-layer burrito with some meat in it, but after going to Boston Market today I was amazed at how closely the squash and zucchini casserole replicated the sensation. Anyway, if you’re ever on 16th between Mission and Valencia, don’t go to any Salvadorian restaurants that are opened past 2AM.

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