I Just Want to Get Paid

So I’ve been following up with two vendors that are late with checks. Both situations (in terms of getting paid on time) are pretty lame, but one is pretty comical.

Company “A” basically said that the guy I worked for gave my invoice to the wrong guy, who in turn gave it to the right guy very late. Unfortunately, the CFO (that signs all the checks) is on vacation and they won’t be able to send me anything until April 7. Now, I can understand papers going to the wrong people — it happens. I can’t understand a company that only has one person with financial signatory power. Surely there has to be someone else that can cut a check, right?

Company “B” is just too lame for words (in terms of getting paid on time). Here is a breakdown of the events.

– I follow up with the editorial assistant I invoiced.

– The editorial assistant informs me that she has been promoted and forwards my email to the new assistant.

– The new assistant tells me that my invoice has been forwarded to accounting already (duh), but accounting has the day off for Good Friday. She cc’d an accounting person in her reply.

– Accounting person #1 hands me off to accounting person #2.

– Accounting person #1 gets back to me and says that my invoice has been processed and sends me to accounting person #3. (I have no idea what accounting person #2 did, but his name is Alla so I’m being respectful.)

– Accounting person #3 is on vacation, so I have to email accounting person #4.

– Accounting person #4 tells me that my invoice was put in their system on March 7.

– I ask accounting person #4 if the check has been sent (my invoice being in their system doesn’t really mean much to me). He says accounting person #3 will get back to me tomorrow, when she’s back from vacation.

So I have one company that’s so small that only one person can sign checks and one company that’s too big that five people can’t find out if a check has been sent.


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