Postal Scrambling

I sent off a hefty batch of paperwork and records for Noot’s visa. Her interview is very close and I’m getting nervous about it now. It should work out fine, but there’s always a chance something goes wrong. I got something notarized for the first time in my life. I couldn’t find the notary public at first, but Rannie helped me out with emergency Internet mapping. After photocopying the documents, I sent the whole batch off.

Noot’s visa interview is the day before I leave to THQ’s WrestleMania trip. This is usually my favorite trip of the year. One of the reasons is that Justin and I get to hang out and enjoy something we both dig. He’s not going this year — which is ironic since he works on the game now — and it’s not going to be the same. It would have been excellent to have been with him to either celebrate Noot getting her visa (though he doesn’t drink so it wouldn’t be a crazy celebration) or cry on his (now scrawny) shoulder if it doesn’t work out.

HBK’s line last night killed me: “Edge and his…uh…two Edge guys.”

One thought on “Postal Scrambling

  1. I’m bummed I won’t be there too, obviously. I always enjoy hanging out with you, doing the whole Superstar challenge thing, and of course the inevitable Dan crashing in my/our room (are there separate rooms this time?). I almost fernagled a trip out there sans ‘Mania as we need to capture more my-mode-related VO, but it was not to be.

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