Dumb Americans

What’s wrong with this country?!? First, the stupid people of Ohio (sorry Tony) vote for the wrong person, dragging out the democratic race longer than it ought to run (it’s just extremely difficult for Clinton to win mathematically, at this point). And tonight, Danny Noriega got voted off of Idol. I’m going to miss that kid. His fay pizazz was very entertaining and he look liked an amalgam of my friend Raina and her boyfriend.

This is Raina.


John, her boyfriend, is the guy all the way on the right.

Raina’s Boyfriend

Raina + John = Danny Noriega


One thought on “Dumb Americans

  1. No offense taken. Remember, I left Ohio. And not just because of the weather. Which is shitty right now, btw. Also, what’s up with all the Latinos and Hispanics voting against Obama? I’m looking at you, Texas (and California). And I do believe I’m right in saying “voting against Obama” and not “voting for Clinton.”

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