Simply Remarkable

Obama’s campaign continues to amaze me on several levels. What he said about the LGBT to a largely African-American and Christian crowd was remarkable. It was inclusive and unifying. That he delivered that message to that particular audience…it’s just not something I expect from a politician. It seemed honest — especially since those words were not necessary and pandering/avoiding would have been the easier thing to do.

Clinton’s 3AM “red phone” commercial was pretty bad. However, Obama turned into another fantastic retort. He just took her ploy and raised it to another level. There are subtle things in the ad that make me laugh. The phone rings throughout most of the Clinton commercial. It stops ringing halfway through Obama’s, implying that someone actually answered the phone. I’m just very impressed with how quickly, respectfully (mostly), and sharply his campaign is able to respond to attacks. This video (which unfortunately features the amazingly annoying Tucker Carlson) shows both clips.

He wasn’t my first choice, but he looks like the best choice for the country I want America to be. An Obama/Edwards ticket would be tremendous, but that doesn’t look very likely. Should he be the democratic nominee, I wonder who his running mate will be.

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