Developing Thoughts

GDC 2008 was pretty good. I got to see lots of people, made a little bit of money, got some new leads, and got really drunk for free. Highlight time!

– It was lovely to see BB. It’s crazy that we haven’t seen each other in almost two years. Hopefully it’s not such a gap between visits. There’s still so much catching up to do. It was just joyous and comfortable spending time together. Thankfully there are several blonde hairs scattered around my room and bathroom. They will serve as happy reminders.

– I did some field producing for Intel. It was a fun shoot with some nice people. I think (I hope?) they were happy with the tapes. The dude from the agency said that he’s interested in using me for hosting/producing in a few weeks. Intel money is nice.

Ruby was at the show! She was a mo-cap model at one of the booths. While the shooter was getting b-roll, I introduced the Intel guy to her. He seems interested in using her in the future too and said that he’d prefer two-host shoots. R&R strikes back?!?

– The day before the shoot I made the horrendous mistake of taking a long nap and waking up at 10PM. I read comics until 5AM and decided not to sleep. After shooting from 9AM to 6PM, I took a 45-minute nap at home before going to Rannie’s party (where they introduced the dumbest name I’ve ever heard for a PR agency). I proceeded to drink several glasses of red wine with some excellent company.

– The next day was much easier, but my legs were totally shot. I had two articles to take meetings for. One was on the new N-Gage stuff, which I’m pretty interested in. I wrote a ton about the original and the second coming is a much smarter plan, but in a market that’s much more crowded. The second was for an MMO that I wasn’t particularly interested in, but ended up being more original than I was anticipating. More importantly, I got an excellent laptop bag out of it. My new lappy is a gaming beast and does not fit into my trusty Nintendo bag. I can’t complain because it was free, but I need a bag to lug it around. This new bag looks pretty cool and totally fits my laptop. It’s not quite as functional as my old bag, but (again) I can’t complain because it was free.

– I got a bunch of USB flash drives. I think I’m going to start judging companies by how big their freebie drives are. Nokia gave me a 1GB stick, Cartoon Network gave me 1GB, and this company that I already forgot gave me a pitiful 256MB.

– One of my favorite people in gaming was at Rannie’s party. His wife is actually working on an interesting project that she might tap me for. That would be cool.

– It was great hanging out with Andy. It’s been a long, long time. We did the typical Buddha Bar/Sam’s Burgers thing.

– It was also nice hanging out with Skennedy. We always have this conversation of, “Why don’t we hang out more?” And then I tell him it’s because his wife hates me and thinks I’m a bad influence.

– Oh yeah, after a long day of shooting and a day of roaming around the halls, my legs were totally dead. There were several times at the Prototype party and outside The W where I just had to sit down because it was painful. My feet were actually hurting so much that it was hard to sleep that night. It’s an odd sensation that I’ve never experience before and don’t care to experience again.

– Cbake and Justin were out and about too. It was nice seeing both of them. I made fun of their business cards for only having mainstream Marvels on them. “What? No Quasar?!?”

– My drunken behavior was mostly exemplary. There was a small situation that could have been troublesome, but I did a good job at not getting into trouble without having to hide. It might be because I’m getting smarter or it might be because I was too tired (at the time) to go hide anywhere.

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