Two Links

Damn. It appears that biofuels aren’t so great for the environment.

These video clips are frickin’ hilarious — easily the funniest thing I’ve seen on the Internet all year. Of course it’s probably 932 percent funnier if you play guitar, but I still had to share them. The Jake E. Lee clip kills me with Ozzy’s clapping. The “Indiana Jones” riff in Malmsteen’s clip is awesome, as is the “Iron Man” riff in Van Halen’s. The guy does a pretty impressive job at synching his playing with the concert footage. It’s pretty impressive. Metallica’s “One” is fantastic — he plays enough of the right notes that it’s familiar, but he still sounds like a hack that couldn’t cut it at Bottom of the Hill. These videos had me laughing out loud…a lot. I’m curious to hear if they’re that funny to people that don’t play guitar. I’m guessing not.

One thought on “Two Links

  1. I don’t get it 100% (maybe like 32%) but they still make me laugh during particularly absurd-sounding moments. And like, how the other intruments only chime in when they’re visible being played. Haha. It’s pretty ingenous and seems extremely well done.

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