Believe, Believe in Me, Believe

That meeting on Friday was fun, but not what I was looking for. As I mentioned, they didn’t have enough money to hire me full time, so they want me to freelance. On the positive side, it’s a fantastic outlet to have on my resume and it will help me get some attention from the companies that have forgotten me. Still, it doesn’t bring me closer to any of my goals. This left me a bit despondent.

On Saturday I had a nice talk with my mom and yesterday Andy’s girlfriend randomly gave me kind words of support and encouragement. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but it’s easier when I feel people believing in me. Hopefully some kind of progress is made this week. It’s getting hard and I fall into these arresting bouts of despair that leave me useless for an hour or more. I will take a lesson from Journey — “Don’t Stop Believin’!”

Here’s a cute picture of Noot’s night out with Pin and Cha. Pin was angry at Martin and wanted to go dancing. So she dragged Noot and Cha with her. This left me alone with my excellent friend Kenny, which was fine but I still gave Martin a ton of crap about it anyway.

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