Back in Black

I’m back in America. Similar to previous returns, I’m freezing, I miss my girlfriend so much, and I’m stressing about job stuff. Jet lag is hitting me pretty badly too. My last two trips gave me the worse jet lag ever (also due to my advancing age *sniff* *sniff*). However, there’s much more hope this time, because next time I see my girlfriend, she’s most likely coming back with me. I hope everything goes as planned. Please wish for me!

I’ve posted two sets of pictures. The first is from the zoo at Tagaytay Highlands. The second is a bunch of pics from my parents’ condo in Manila. I’ll post a few here as well.

2 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. Okay, I’m confused: When does she come here now? For some reason, I’m surprised that you’re again parted. I thought everything was squared away; what’s left to do?

  2. She still has to wait for the embassy to grant her an interview. After she gets one and they approve, she’ll be able to come back with me. The interview should be in about a month.

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