Madder Dash

Wow. Monday was just crazy. After Noot got back from the village, we examined the papers over the weekend and made an ambitious attempt to finish three major steps on Monday. It all got done! The only downside was that it cost more than I expected. Here’s the breakdown.

– Woke up at 4:30AM to catch a 5:30 bus.

– Took a taxi from the bus station to the hospital.

– Noot went through a battery of tests required by the government. This took about three hours. It cost more than what was listed because she had to get a bunch of vaccinations.

– Noot’s brother picked us up near the hospital and drove us to the embassy.

– Went to a translator to get some Thai documents translated into English and to help Noot fill out some forms. The latter was ridiculously expensive. I know I got hosed, but I didn’t know which translators were good and which ones were bad, plus we were pressed for time. In retrospect, I should have asked Martin to help us fill out these forms. It would have cost me a few gin and tonics. The problem was that Noot couldn’t explain to me some of the information needed in English. Actually, she explained it just fine, but a lot of the Thai names and companies I just couldn’t spell without guessing. Anyway, the forms have been sent to the embassy and the information is all accurate.

– Noot’s brother drove us from the translator to the police station.

-Went to the police station to get her record (which is blank). This required her to fill out more forms, take some photos, and give a set of fingerprints.

– We went to eat.

– Noot’s brother dropped us off at the bus station.

– Took a 6:20 bus.

– Plopped into bed at 9:15PM.

This whole process could be way more efficient. There’s a lot of information in Noot’s packet that I didn’t know I had to provide. I have to get a bunch of papers in the US and send them to her to bring to her interview. If I had known what was required (it’s not on the government site) then I would have brought the papers with me. Instead it’s costing me more time and money. I should have looked on some visa sites/forums instead of relying on the government site. Again, that’s a lack of thought on my part.

One thought on “Madder Dash

  1. Something tells me they don’t really expect you to try to do all that in the span of one day…
    At least it’s done!

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