Off to the Philippines

My 11 days in Thailand were great. I got to catch up with two old friends (both American), catch up with tons of acquaintances, spend plenty of time in the swimming pool, and enjoy lots of time with my dearest. We haven’t been going crazy at all, which is nice. Ironically, I have a little bit of a cold — too much swimming, aircon, sweating, aircon, etc.

The political situation here is interesting to watch. There was an election the other week, but it didn’t really solve much. There’s just going to be more bickering and attempted blockings/oustings. Here are two articles on the whole dealio:

Time article

Y! article

We spent five free nights at the Sheraton. It’s such a gorgeous hotel and the service is outstanding. I miss the pools already. Noot loved the bed and bath tub (I introduced her to Lush bath bombs).

I’m just killing time in an Internet cafe before we head to the airport in the evening. She’s off looking for my mom’s favorite fruits. I’m looking forward to seeing my parents and my brother. Noot’s nervous about meeting my mom, but I know it’ll go really well.

I have tons of photos to post, but this shop’s connection gets angry every time I try to use Flickr. Hopefully there’s an Internet shop near my parents’ condo. I’d like to upload some pictures and do a bit of work.

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