Raymond Has Left the Building

First off, the title isn’t from Elvis. It’s from HBK…who stole it from Elvis.

I’m fresh and showered at Narita. Only six more hours of air time before I see my love!

Lots of random notes.

– While I was looking for a laptop bag, I found this Puffy Amiyumi CD I’ve been wanting to find for a long time. I never really put a big effort into looking for it, but I’m super happy I found it. It was the first thing I listened to on my iPod on my way to Narita.

– I got my third-favorite business-class seat…but it’s becoming my #1. When I get upgraded on a 747-400, I always try for 15A or 15H. 26C is usually my third choice. While the upper deck is less crowded and those row 15 seats have a ton of leg room, I’m digging 26C. It’s the last row in biz, so nobody hits my head rest when they’re getting up and there’s enough leg room so I don’t have to move if the person in the middle wants to get up.

– The movies on the way to Japan kind of sucked. I slept most of the way, but I caught the last half of Transformers twice. That movie still sucks, but I really like John Turturro’s performance. It’s like he knows the movie is crap, but he’s just going to rip it up and go for it. It’s so amazingly unintentionally funny. There are plenty of movies I want to watch on the way to Bangkok, but that flight is only six hours. Wah.

– Showering at Narita definitely helps this trip. If you do so, don’t forget to pack deodorant. They don’t give you any. (Yes, I brought mine.)

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