I Saw Red

I was reading about how Asus is experimenting with bamboo for its eco-friendly laptops. This had me reading about bamboo shortages. This lead me to my new favorite animal: the red panda. It’s just frickin’ awesome. It’s also known as the “lesser panda”, which makes me want to support it for its underdog status (like Manchester City). It’s just a super-cute animal that’s endangered because of poachers and deforestation. I’m pretty sure they’re magical creatures too.

Oh yeah, this awesome creature inspired me to use a Warrant song as a post title. Bonus.

2 thoughts on “I Saw Red

  1. Wow, the bamboo laptop is a great idea. I saw a pic though and the bamboo is just part of the chasis. Not sure what I expected, really. Less plastic/metal I guess.

    I wouldn’t overclock anything in a bamboo case. πŸ˜›

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