Sports Fans are Stupid

Kosuke Fukudome is heading to Major League Baseball. Most of the fans at ESPN are giggling about his name, thinking it’s pronounced something like F*ck-You-Dome. Ugh.

Saturday’s Mayweather/Hatton fight was better than expected. I really wanted Hatton to win. He’s just a likable fellow and we both support Man City. He only had a very small chance, but I thought he’d at least be able to tough it out to the end. That knockdown in the tenth round was just embarrassing. The British fans were just awesome (as expected). Even after he was knocked out, they were cheering loudly for their man. Mayweather showed some surprising humility after the fight too. I wish he’d act like that more often.

Anyway, here’s an animated GIF of the first knockdown after the break.


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