Image Problems

Vista is not cooperating with my old copy of Paint Shop Pro 8 (I believe it’s four-versions old) so I’m looking for a new image editing program. Right now I’m messing around with a trial of Photoshop Elements 6. A lot of people on Amazon wrote about its Vista issues. They’re not wrong. Other than that it’s a pretty good program with a good looking interface (I like the slate. Sue me.), but some of the keyboard commands are just retarded.

Soon I’m going to give Noromis Photolab a try. The reviews are good, the program is cheap, and the interface seems like it was made for actual humans. More importantly, it’s made by a small company in Jersey so I’ll finally have mob connections. I’m excited to try it, but I don’t want to expect too much.

If anyone else has some suggestions for an image editor (primarily for photo use), let me know.

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